333 NYC Never Say Never .jpg

For our 002 launch, we worked with artists who found inspiration for their artwork through their mental wellness journey in order to illustrate the varying nature of mental health. 

333 NYC found JN, @creeptheart, while scrolling through Instagram and were immediately captivated by his eerie, yet aesthetic sketches paired with poetry ranging from positive momentos, as well as raw emotions which commented on the artist's mental health experience. As we spoke more with the artist, we learned that his sketches were a therapeutic way to reflect on his emotions and life experiences. Through his sketches, which are done on iPad, JN has found a way to cope with day-to-day issues and focus on life through a more positive perspective.  

Below the artist explains his own journey and what inspires him to create his pieces: 

"Drawing and sketching have had a significant impact in my life.  They have helped me emotionally to understand and resolve my negative feelings. Through art, I’ve learned ways to cope with stress, anxiety and day-to-day problems taking them one step at a time.

The primary focus of my mental health journey is always making sure my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are getting better each day. I find it is essential to have a voice, to speak up, because every day is a step forward towards an achievement -- a step towards living life knowing that today CAN and will be better eventually.

I want to impact others to let them know 'YOU are not alone, you are precious'.

We are all gifted, even with our mental health.  I have a voice and so do you". 


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