Who TF I Am Case

Who TF I Am Case


Phone case that doubles as a note to self when dealing with day-to-day overwhelming occurances such as (but not limited to): never ending to do lists, mercury retrograde, uncertainty, debating the meaning of life and your place in it, debating whether you should book that work out class, figuring out what you want to eat, figuring out what to text back, figuring out where that bruise on your leg came from, figuring out whether you should say something or just let it go, people who clearly can't read an email to save their life, fighting with friends, fighting with yourself, fighting with a hangover, passive aggressive comments you can't tell whether your overanaylzing or underanalyzing, slow walkers, etc. Remember who the fuck you are, you got this.

Transparent iPhone case with black or white design.

  • Black design is recommended for white/light colored iPhones

  • White design is recommended for black colored iPhones

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